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Creating a new word doesn't happen everyday

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Fine grade Camelrong
Fine grade Camelrong


Definition: the inner layer, cashmere-like, fine protein fiber that grows beneath the long and coarse protective layer of camel hair.

Camelrong sheets

There are many interesting attributes about Camelrong, one of which is that Camelrong is characteristically different from the outer layer hair. The core of the outer hair is solid, while the core of the inner layer Camelrong is hollow.

Camelrong has a temperature regulating attribute, due to its hollow core structure. This hollow core works as an air insulator mitigating condensation, it can wick away the excessive humidity from your body. You'd always feel dry and comfortable. This makes Camelrong a warm and breathable, a wonderful organic material for fall and winter clothes.

Long and coarse outer hair
camel hair

The textile industry has been using "camel wool" referring to this fiber material. However, it is not an accurate terminology, since there are structural differences between wool and Camelrong. For a while, it was a mouthful effort to call out this material, often with too many words.

We searched extensively for an English equivalent terminology, but no, such word doesn't exist... perhaps it was because the two-humped camels, less known to the English world, only live in some parts of Asia continent; while the more known One-humped camels live in Arab countries and East Africa in the arid and hot desert climates, they barely grow hair. This extra inner layer hair only grows on two-humped camels, moreover, the separation of the two layers was made possible only recently by the invention of the modern dehiring machine technology.

Camel hair being manually separated
Camel hair being manually separated

Finally, to simplify the issue, we came up with this new word “Camelrong” -- by adapting a Chinese word “Rong”. Rong in Chinese means cashmere-like downy fiber.


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